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From this fall semester, I started working on the study of image search activies in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Corporation. The goal of this project is to understand how and why computer users perform image searches within their personal digital photo collections. To accomplish this, we are looking at how people currently manage and interact with their digital photography data.


We conducted interviews and directed storytelling sessions with 16 people. We asked a range of questions and asked participants to show us their digital photo collections, how they manage their photos, and observed them performing several image search tasks. Based on the contextual fieldwork findings and synthesis, we generated 30 concepts and we are currently working on developing a prototype of the selected concept.


I submitted this research paper at the CHI 2008 Work-in-Progress and plan to submit the

full paper at the Design & Emotion


































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Paul Robare (Interaction Design Masters)

Bong Hyun Cho (Samsung)