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Designing a Health Care System and Service for a healthy family


Thsis Project Advisor: Prof. John Zimmerman


I worked on my thesis research project for Smart Homes focusing on health management issues for parents who have young children. Parents always desire to take good care of their children and to manage their numerous responsibilities, including the family’s healthcare. Dual income parents often feel the pressure of tight schedules and busy routines. (In terms of tight schedule and busy routine, even though dual income parents feel in a hurry, their jobs doesn’t wait for them and make breakdown.) Without a proper system in the home, it can be difficult to track their children’s health information, leading parents to feel hopelessly out of control.


Interviews with several dual income parents and pediatricians revealed three main problems. First, there is communication disconnect between parents and healthcare providers. Second, mothers and fathers often have different opinions about children’s health management. Third, there is no proper and effective way to organize their children’s medical information. To address these issues, we are designing a healthcare system and service to reflect parents’ needs and improve automatic recording of children’s medical/health information.


I submitted this research paper at the CHI 2008 Work-in-Progress and plan to submit the

full paper at the Design & Emotion
































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CHI'08(Accepted).pdf[632KB] Design & Emotion 08 (Accepted).pdf[5.2MB] Poster.pdf[3.2MB]



Hee Young Jeong (Interaction Design Masters)