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Advisor: Prof. John Zimmerman


Project Manager. Dual-income families experience stress as they attempt to manage the conflicting responsibilities of work, school, home, and enrichment activities. In this project, we explored opportunities for parents to explore technological support for managing their children's activities, helping them to feel more in control of their lives. Based on our previous field work with dual-income families, we developed the Smart Bag concept, which address two design opportunites: 1) a reminder system that helps people remember their schedules and what they need to take, and 2) a reminder system that allows parents to engage in parenting.


Through the iterative design process, we are building a prototype of the bag and we are planning to evaluate the bag in terms of measuring functional utilities and different social aspects on the bag.
































< Building the prototype bag









Nick Ferrara (HCI Masters)

Jing Jin (HCI Masters)

Diana Yu (HCI Masters)

Luther Young (Industrial undergrad)

Siddartha Butalia (MPD Masters)