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Advisor: Dr. Brad A. Myers


Today's designers deal with various levles of interactivity and they wish to create innovative interactive behaviors. However, while there are a lot of ways to express "looks", for "behaviors" they have to deal with scripts and codes. Unfortunately, it is challenging for designers since the scripts and codes in most implementation tools do not support the natural expressions used by designers. In order to make authoring interactive behaviors easier for designers, we looked for opportunites to design a new language that reflects and supports designers' natural expressions.


Based on our previous study (CI and Survey) showed that implemneting behaviors were difficult, we investigated how designers think about the components of behaviors. We conducted a lab study focusing on graphical pointer-based interactive behaviors - part 1) pointer actions that the user does, part 2) visible responses to those actions on the screen, and part 3) constraints on the causality and timing. The results of this project were submitted in the papers and presented at Visual Language and Human-Centric Computing Conference (VL/HCC) 2008.
































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Designers...VL/ HCC 08 (Accepted).pdf[248KB] How...VL/ HCC 08 (Accepted).pdf [532KB]



Andy Ko (Assistant Professor, University of Washington)