Vacation in Delaware
July 2005


crazy snorter fun in the innertube that sun is bright
crazy snorter.jpg fun in the innertube.jpg that sun is bright.jpg
happy clammer racking the big one ahh, retirement
happy clammer.jpg racking the big one.jpg ahh, retirement.jpg
bethany girl sleepy clammer I don't want to sit
bethany girl.jpg sleepy clammer.jpg I don't want to sit.jpg
running on the boat grandma telling stories captain Siena
running on the boat.jpg grandma telling stories.jpg captain Siena.jpg
look, I'm driving sunset cruise mom and dad
look, I'm driving.jpg sunset cruise.jpg mom and dad.jpg
mom and dad again the rohrbachs me and my grandparents
mom and dad again.jpg the rohrbachs.jpg me and my grandparents.jpg
tippy toes sleepy fishergirl  
tippy toes.jpg sleepy fishergirl.jpg