Memorial Day in Delaware
May 2005


swimming with grandma first time swimming swimming with daddy
swimming with grandma.jpg first time swimming.jpg swimming with daddy.jpg
swimming with mommy clap. clap. clap. gifts from scott and tam
swimming with mommy.jpg clap. clap. clap..jpg gifts from scott and tam.jpg
I like my bike hmmm oh elmo
I like my bike.jpg hmmm.jpg oh elmo.jpg
pretty cake yummy ice cream toys
pretty cake.jpg yummy ice cream.jpg toys.jpg
hey pop pop playing in the sand fun
hey pop pop.jpg playing in the sand.jpg fun.jpg
walking with tam siena, scott + tam siena, grandma + pop pop
walking with tam.jpg siena, scott + tam.jpg siena, grandma + pop pop.jpg
siena, mommy + daddy pretty in blue boating with grandma
siena, mommy + daddy.jpg pretty in blue.jpg boating with grandma.jpg
happy boater sun glare portrait with grandparents
happy boater.jpg sun glare.jpg portrait with grandparents.jpg
portrait with parents siena, mommy + hoov plaid dress
portrait with parents.jpg siena, mommy + hoov.jpg plaid dress.jpg