Interactive Sensory Patterns
Digital Representations of Patterns in Scientific Information

Stacie Rohrbach
Assistant Professor
Communication Design

School of Design
Carnegie Mellon University

This site contains the digital components of my final project, which I created as a Graphic Design graduate student at North Carolina State University, graduating in May of 2003. Project descriptions include access to digital studies and instructions for their use. Portions of the written document, which describe the context and process of my research and the discoveries I made, are also included. Content can be viewed via a web browser by clicking here.

The Macromedia Shockwave Player® is required to view several of the projects. If you do not have the player, you can download and install it by clicking here. Please note that most of the studies are not fully functional. Therefore, only some of the links are live and instructions may be necessary to navigate through each study. You can view instructions and studies simultaneously via the web.

The entire written component of my final project can be accessed as an Adobe Acrobat® .pdf file by clicking here.