Grouplove is a really–freaking–cool band, okay.

This much I know: Hannah Hooper (painter) meets Christian Zucconi (singer/guitarist) at his performance in LA, and invites him to go to an artist residency in Crete. There they meet Andrew Wessen (surfer/guitarist), Ryan Rabin (drummer/producer and friends with Wessen) & Sean Gadd (songwriter/guitarist). A year later, they saved up some dough, went back to LA and made some awesome music.

I got into them in high school and haven't stopped listening. Get on this.


  1. I'm With You
  2. Itchin' on a Photograph
  3. Borderlines and Aliens
  4. Tongue Tied
  5. Lovely Cup
  6. Schoolboy
  7. Colours
  8. Ways To Go
  9. Shark Attack
  10. Slow
  11. What I Know
  12. Didn't Have To Go

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    3. ladygrouplove(Hannah Hooper)
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