Ph.D. Thesis Advisor

Troy Weingart, "A method for dynamic reconfiguration of a cognitive radio system" (2006)
Currently: Associate Professor, US Air Force Academy
Christian Doerr, "Local Control of Cognitive Radio Networks (co-advisor Grunwald, 2008)
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Delft
Damon McCoy, "Quantifying and Improving Wireless Privacy" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2010)
Currently: Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Eric W. Anderson, "Integrated Scheduling and Beam Steering for Spatial Reuse" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2010)
Currently: Post Doc, Carnegie Mellon University
Gary V. Yee, "Ordering and Combinatorial Effects of Wireless Optimizations in Beam Forming 802.11 WLAN (co-advisor Grunwald, 2011)
Currently: Senior Software Engineer, Penguin Computing
Kevin Bauer, "Improving Security and Performance in Low Latency Anonymous Networks" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2011)
Currently: Technical Stall, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Caleb Philips, "Geostatistical Techniques for Practical Wireless Network Coverage Mapping" (co-advisor Grunwald, 2012)
Dola Saha, "MAC-PHY Cross-layer Techniques for Simultaneous Multiuser Communication in Wireless Networks," (graduated 2013), NEC Labs, Princeton NJ.
Chenyu Zheng, "Self-Organizing Hybrid Cellular-MANETs," 2014
Gabor Molnar, "Measuring Broadband", 2014
Donny Warbitton, (expected graduation 2016)
Frankie Costa, TBD.
Erezi Ogbo, TBD.
Logan Warberg, TBD.
Nat Horner, TBD.
Dean Alderucci, TBD.

M.S. Thesis Advisor (All are ITP unless noted otherwise)

Mike Stukas, "NAT/FW Traversal for VoIP Services
Mudassir Fajandar, "A SIP Client for Federated Videoconferencing"
Adi Mathur, "The Development of an Embedded SIP Client"
Anand Chavali, "A Directory Model for Federated Videoconferencing"
Bella Hartz, "Technical Requirements for Secure IP Telephony"
Mary Karnes, "Effectiveness of Net Sec Frameworks Across Skill Levels"
Ameet Kulkarni, "A SIP/SAML Binding for Federated Videoconferencing"
Chris Rohrer, "Third Party Access to DOCSIS Broadband Platforms"
Andre Grothe, "Implications of Encryption on VoIP"
Bhanu Prakash, "QoS Fields in IPv6"
Andrew Pitts, "Wireless IDS Systems"
Damon McCoy, "Anonymous Systems" (Department of Computer Science)
Eric Estes, "Models for Intrusion Containment" (Department of Computer Science)
Chri Schenk, "Inferring Reputation from Observed User Behavior and Attributes in Social Networks" (Department of Computer Science)
Greg Leon
Luke Netto
Xiaotian Li

Ph.D. Committees

Ryan Turner
Kara Behnke
Juan Rolden
Mohammed Altamimi
Neeti Wagle
Mohamed Ali Elmansouri
John Giacomoni
Moustafa Mohamed
Edwige Simon (ATLAS, 2012)
Jeff Fifield (Department of Computer Science, 2010)
Soontaree Tanaraksiritavorn (Department of Computer Science, 2009)
Revi Sterling (ATLAS, 2009)
Anmol Sheth (Department of Computer Science, 2007)
Joe Dunn (Department of Computer Science, 2007)
Wang Lin (Department of Computer Science, 2008)
Brad Morrey (Department of Computer Science, 2006)
Chad Seidel (Civil Engineering, 2005)
Olav Queseth (KTH Sweden, 2005) - Opponent
Eric Fisher (Mechanical Engineering, 2006)
Maha Faisal (Department of Computer Science, 2005)
Joshua Mindel (Carnegie Mellon University, 2003)

M.S. Thesis Committees

Joe Sameul
Adnan Mian
Sumangala Murty
John Williamson
Sweta Bhandare
Ashish Shah
Brian Goldhardt
Jeremie Texier
Sumangala Murty
Abhijit Sur
Rommel Moreno
John Giacomoni (Department of Computer Science)
Kevin Hofstra
Benajim Nunez
Bryon Hartzog
Jeff Fifield (Department of Computer Science)
G. Indrayan
Bilal Hasan
Ramandeep Dhillon
Dola Saha (Department of Computer Science)
Mark Dehus (Department of Computer Science)
Aveek Dutta (ECE)
David Knox (Department of Computer Science)
Susan Howard
Sergei Razgulin (Department of Computer Science)
Won Jay Song
Sears Andrew Merritt
Jordan Wight
Pete Jaroonvanichkul

ITP Capstone Projects Supervised

Web Authentication Through Federation (4 students)
Security Models for Integrated Devices (4 students)
CISP Security Requirements (4 students)
HIPPA Compliance Models (4 students)
Security Enhancement of DNS (4 students)
Security Vulnerabilities (4 students)
Security Architectures (4 students)
VoIP Vulnerabilities (4 students)
ANSAT (4 students)
Analog Hole (4 students)
Video Distribution Models (4 students)
Wireless Security (4 students)
Video Economics (4 students)
Security Models (4 students)

Independent Studies

Brent Zionic, Web Services
Ameet Kulkarni, Single Sign-on Architectures
Moses Akpeneye, GSM
Travis Merrill, OSS for DSL
Muda Fajandar, Policy of Security Assertion Markup Language
Sandhya Castelino, E911 for SIP based services
I taught an additional 3 independent study classes in 2004.

Undergraduate Computer Science Thesis Committee

Nate Wilcox
William Peterory, Senior Thesis, economics

Undergraduate Computer Science Research Committee

Brian Goldstreet
William Peterory, Security

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Co-mentored one NSF REU students over the summer 2003
Mentored two NSF REU students over the summer 2004
Co-mentored for NSF REU students over the summer 2005. Matt Shein, Philip Gomez, Lakaii Wilson, and Matthew Smith)