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In August 2001 we celebrated the 35th anniversary of the founding of our dojos and the creation of our organization, Pittsburgh Shotokan Karate. To commemorate this occasion we created an anniversary album commemorating the history of Pittsburgh Shotokan and a video containing footage from the events held that weekend. The video includes a practice of kumite drills led by Godan Jon Beltran, a karate demonstration performed by Pittsburgh Shotokan members, a demonstration of Tomiki sport Aikido performed by Mr. Seiji Tanaka and a practice led by Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima, founder and Shihan of Shotokan karate of America. Mr. Ohshima instructs and gives corrections for six advanced kata (Bassai, Kanku, Jutte, Jion, Gankaku and Hangetsu).

Honda_Practice_3.JPG (12916 bytes)  Highlights of the 2001 Pittsburgh Shotokan 35th Anniversary (video) 1 hour 53 minutes
album_clouds.jpg (33371 bytes)  Pittsburgh Shotokan 35th Anniversary Album

Listed below are books and videos we have found helpful to those who wish to learn more about karate, eastern thought, philosophy, strategy and history. Pittsburgh Shotokan is an 'Amazon Associate'. Click on one of the links below to purchase that title from at no additional cost to you. The club receives approximately 15% from any purchase you make directly from our link. If you shop around Amazon and then purchase the linked or any other item, we receive only about 5%.

cover Karate-Do Kyohan : The Master Text cover Black Belt Karate
cover Karate Jutsu : The Original Teachings of Master Funakoshi cover The Heart of Karate-Do
cover Karate-Do Nyumon cover Karate-Do : My Way of Life
cover Book of Five Rings cover The Art of War
cover Bushido : The Soul of Japan cover The Sword of No-Sword : Life of Master Warrior Tesshu Yamaoka
cover Zen in the Art of Archery cover Musashi
Tibetan Rescue : The Extraordinary Quest to Save the Sacred Art Treasures of Tibet cover The Sun Also Rises Over Toledo
cover Vol. 1-Part 2 G.Funakoshi (video) Forty-Seven Ronin Story