Highlights of the Pittsburgh Shotokan 35th Anniversary August 2001

One hour and fifty three minutes packed with must see video. Caution: you may wear out your rewind and slow motion buttons with this tape.

Kumite Practice Led by Jon Beltran Godan, Kansas City
  • Kumite drills
  • Jyu-Kumite
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Karate Demonstration by Pittsburgh Shotokan
  • Special guests Caylor Adkins, Jon Beltran, Larry Lazarus and Mike Schuler
  • Kata - Empi, Bassai, Tekki Nidan, Heian Shodan, Heian Sandan
  • Jyu-Kumite, Self Defense applications
  • Torite, Irimi, Boxing training drills
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Aikido Demonstration by Mr. Seiji Tanaka
  • First captain of Waseda University Aikido team (1962)
  • Student of Professor Kenji Tomiki
  • Founder of the Colorado Aikido Association
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A practice with Ohshima Sensei, includes his corrections and demonstrations of portions of six advanced kata:
  • Bassai
  • Kanku
  • Gankaku
  • Jutte
  • Jion
  • Hangetsu
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