Last update: September 2, 1997

Derrick J. Brashear

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Contacting me

At work

Cyert Hall 111
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213
+1 (412) 268-6406

At home

152 Le Grande Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15221
+1 (412) 824-9862

At the house I own but don't live in yet

403 Gilmore Avenue
Trafford PA 15085
phone number on request

What I do

My official title is Research Systems Programmer, Systems Group 82, CMU Computing Services. What that really means is I'm sort of the mop-up guy. When AFS breaks, it's usually my problem. (Note that I didn't say it was my fault.) Solaris is my problem. (Solaris is Sun's fault!) Zephyr is my responsibility. (I like Zephyr.) And other random things usually end up as my problem. Oh well. It pays the bills.

I'm also still an undergraduate in the CMU Civil Engineering department. I need about 4 classes to graduate, which I plan to. Someday.

I do random "consulting" for Westmoreland Online.

According to Internic, I'm the technical, administrative, and billing contact for DEMENTIA.ORG, which really means I get stuck with the $50 per year payment they want, and not much else.

I campaigned rabidly to save Z107 FM, but I lost. You can read more about it, if you want.

Would you believe I'm not the only Brashear on the Internet? My brother Mark created a web page as required by a class. Not only that, there's a Virtual Brashear on the Internet. I'm not kidding!

One of my interests is Distributed Computing. I maintain a few web pages on related stuff. They're probably out of date.

I have a basement full of IBM RT workstations at my new house, which at some point I plan to at least look at working on Linux for.

Here's an ancient resume of mine.

Presumably I'm still the "Guru" for the CMU Computer Club.

I'm also nominally still president of the CMU Model Railroad Club.
I also have some railroad info right here.
You can find the out of date hotlist I use as my home document for Netscape and Mosaic here.

And here's my PGP public key.

I'm also working with SparcLinux on two of the three Sun SparcStations that I own, a SparcClassic and an SparcStation 4.

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So I know this page is *really* boring but I'm not much of a graphics person; Imagemaps would be nice but one of the two servers you can get this page from doesn't do CGI (and I can't blame the owner for it either). I'm not wild on offloading the imagemap on the client either. If you have ideas of what I should do for this page, by all means, let me know.

If you so desire you can send email to, which is where I read my mail.