Steven H. Gardiner

Picture of me, Steven Gardiner
Postdoctoral Researcher
Language Technologies Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Newell-Simon Hall A407
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Research Projects

Entable The Entable system improves the accessibility of web sites presenting data by introducing table semantic structure. The observational pilot study with visually-impaired internet users studied the potential impact of the introduction of table structure for users of screen reader assistive software. Video SmartWrap The SmartWrap system enables a crowd of end users, explicitly including people who are not programmers, to specify the table semantics of a web data set, and contribute those table semantics to a centralized repository. The SmartWrap system was evaluated with several dozen non-programmers in the lab, as well as remotely using hundreds of participants on Mechanical Turk. Video Mixer The Mixer system lets people quickly and easily accomplish repetitive web data retrieval tasks by demonstrating the required actions on a single row then letting Mixer repeat the demonstrated actions to fill out the rest of the rows of the desired spreadsheet. Mixer was evaluated with several dozen administrators who were not programmers. Video RADAR Space/Time The RADAR Space/Time project studies reasoning under uncertainty in the context of an intelligent assistant helping a user plan a conference with multiple unpredictable venues and attendees.


Steven Gardiner, Anthony Tomasic and John Zimmerman, The utility of tables for screen reader users, CCNC, 2016, forthcoming.

Steven Gardiner, Anthony Tomasic and John Zimmerman, EnTable: Rewriting Web Data Sets As Accessible Tables, ASSETS, pp. 443–444, 2015.  http 

Steven Gardiner, Anthony Tomasic and John Zimmerman, SmartWrap: Seeing Datasets with the Crowd's Eyes, W4A, pp. 3:1–3:10, 2015.  http 

Steven Gardiner, Anthony Tomasic, John Zimmerman, Rafae Aziz and Kathryn Rivard, Mixer: Mixed-Initiative Data retrieval and integration by example, INTERACT, pp. 426–443, 2011.  http 

Steven Gardiner, Eugene Fink and Jaime G. Carbonell, Scheduling with uncertain resources: Learning to make reasonable assumptions, IEEE SMC, pp. 2554–2559, 2008.  http 

Best Paper Award

Graduate Coursework

Spring Semester 2015
Web Accessibility

Spring Semester 2013
Advanced User Interfaces

Spring Semester 2012
Research Methods

Spring Semester 2011
Question Answering Lab

Spring Semester 2010
Self-Paced Lab in NLP

Fall Semester 2009
Information Extraction

Spring Semester 2009
Lambda Calculus

Fall Semester 2008
Methods of Optimization

Spring Semester 2008
Grammar Formalisms
Language and Statistics I

Fall Semester 2007
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Grammars and Lexicons
Software Engineering for Information Systems

Spring Semester 2007
Statistical Machine Learning
Information Retrieval

Fall Semester 2006
Algorithms for NLP
Intermediate Statistics

Fall Semester 2005
Machine Learning

Fall Semester 2004
Knowledge Representation