Stress Analysis 24– 262

Crane Design Project

Spring 2013

Seth Cordts, Will Lush, Matt Powell-Palm

Group 37

Interesting Features

Our most innovative component to our crane  was our arm. We had originally used an I-beam knowing that the  bending moment of an I-beam allowed it to be strong against bending. However, because our servo that lifted the weight was off-centered, a torsion element was created on the I-beam. I-beams are not very strong against twisting, so this resulted in a large deflection in our crane while lifting the weight. We then realized that the best cross-section to resist twisting is a circle. Our tube arm had virtually zero twisting or bending because of it’s  large bending and twisting moment. Our tube was the only one in the whole class. We made it by rolling aluminum sheet metal and riveting it together.