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Saksham Chitkara

Graduate Research Associate, Carnegie Mellon University.

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I am a Graduate Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University . I aim to build products rather than just code and my projects have been developed with emphasis on usability.
My overall goal is to push towards a smart, secure and connected world. So my research, focused on providing usable security for Mobile and IoT based systems, has had a two prong approach. One is to add usable security to existing mobile systems and IoT based devices. The second approach is to add additional modalities and interactions in the way the users interact with these devices.

Research Interests + Experience

Ubiquitous Computing. Usable Security and Privacy. Network Security. Machine Learning. Distributed Systems. Parallel Computer Programming and Architecture.

Does this App Really need my location?: Context-Aware Privacy Management for Smartphones | Ubicomp 2017

In this paper, we show that this per-app permission approach is suboptimal for many apps, primarily because most data accesses occur due to a small set of popular third-party libraries which are common across multiple apps. To address this problem, we present the design and implementation of ProtectMyPrivacy (PmP) for Android, which can detect critical contextual information at runtime when privacy-sensitive data accesses occur. In particular, PmP infers the purpose of the data access, i.e. whether the data access is by a third-party library or by the app itself for its functionality.

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Privacy Proxy: Leveraging Crowdsourcing and In Situ Traffic Analysis to Detect and Mitigate Information Leakage

In this paper, we present PrivacyProxy, a system that monitors outbound network traffic and generates app-specific signatures to represent privacy sensitive data being shared, all without any modifications to the OS. We use a crowdsourcing based approach to detect likely PII in an adaptive and scalable manner by anonymously combining signatures from different users of the same app. Our system design is itself privacy sensitive as we do not see users’ network traffic and instead rely on cryptographically hashed signatures.

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Hand Gesture Recognition

3D printed a custom ring, which collects bioacoustic feedback using a 6 Degree of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and transmits it via Bluetooth.
Train a machine learning layer to do hand gesture recognition from the accelerometer data and integrate it to other wearable devices.
Added a trackpoint to the ring, which adds modalities to interact with other wearable devices like Google Glass and Hololens.

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Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Built an optical heart rate monitor which detects a person's heart rate via photoplethysmography (PPG) using a smartphone camera.
The camera illuminates the user's finger and the system detects her heart rate by measuring the change in red blood cell volume.
The system's accuracy is within 5% of the actual heart rate.

Protect My Privacy (PmP) | 30,000+ downloads

Built an end-to-end app for rooted Android devices, which lets the users protect their personal information by adding a layer of security between the apps and the OS.
The app collects, enforces and transmits the user’s privacy decisions (allow access, deny access) on other apps and third-party libraries.
PmP uses reflection and callbacks to provide 'Fake' user information to other apps. PmP can also separate out the data by purpose of data accesses.
PmP has a Firewall feature which blocks Wifi and mobile data on a per app basis by interacting with the Android Kernel.

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I am always excited to hear from new people.

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Carnegie Mellon University
5000, Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Call: (612) 232-0913

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