This is a led maze game I build using a pic16f877a microcontroller and a 7x7 led matrix. For these types of games, most people use two buttons to move your "ship" left and right through the maze. For mine, you use the slider that is below the led matrix.

I wrote a custom processing app that imports a 7x64 pixel image and spits out a text file. The text file is then used by the compiler to load a 64 byte array for the maze into the microcontroller. This way, new mazes can be made and loaded onto the game without modifying any code.

There are 5 rounds. The first round moves the maze towards you once every 0.5 seconds. Then each time you make it through it increases the speed by 0.1 seconds. If you mess up, a sad face it shown and the game restarts. When you win a happy face is shown.