I designed the CATTFish system for monitoring well water conditions in peoples homes.

A lot of people in rural Pennsylvania are being effected by the natural gas drilling. Many are afraid that the chemicals used for drilling are making their way into the ground water.

So the CATTFish is designed to sit on top of your toilet while the sensor sits inside the tank. When you touch the capacitive touch sensor, it takes a water temperature and conductance reading and shows you it on the display. Using temperature and conductance, you can derive TDS and an overall quality of the water.

Update 10/22/2012

Below is the newest revision of the CATTFish. It now has a digital sensor with a retractable cable. Lipo rechargable battery, and when you plug it into your computer, it appears as a 1MB flash drive with all your data inside. This summeer (2013), we will be doing a pilot of 100 units throughout Washington county.