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This page is no longer being maintained. Instead
Use History: 79-349: The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
The Holocaust in Historical Perspective:
A Resource Guide

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Use these resources to get more information on a particular topic, to clarify facts, etc. Longer encyclopedia articles may illustrate major issues in a particular topic, and usually include a bibliography of relevant resources.

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Book Reviews

If full text links for journal articles are not provided, click on to see retrieval options. This is only for journal article citations, and may not be available in all databases. Otherwise, Use
Cameo to see if materials are in the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries. If they aren't, you can use the Interlibrary Loan options to either borrow or obtain a photocopy of the material.

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To find books on your topic, use the catalogs listed below.

Some search terms might be:
  • anti-nazi movement
  • antisemitism
  • concentration camps
  • holocaust
  • holocaust survivors
  • national socialism
  • nazis
  • world war 1939-1945
perhaps in combination with:
  • art
  • architecture
  • children
  • cultural policy
  • diaries
  • motion pictures
  • music
  • personal narratives
  • propaganda
  • social conditions
  • social life and customs
  • sources

If you need help finding books on your topic, ask at the Hunt Library reference desk. The reference staff can help you identify appropriate terms and search strategies to use for your topic.

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Some of the sites listed in
Internet Guides may also contain some documents.

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Internet Guides

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Journal Articles

Journal articles are written by scholars in the field, and are the type of article your professors usually expect to see in your papers, supporting your thesis. They are located by use of databases, which usually cover journal articles in a particular field. While you might find a few articles in a search of the surface web by using a search engine like Google, you will find many more by using these specialized databases, which Google, and even Google Scholar, do not search.
  • Academic OneFile (Carnegie Mellon users only)
    Citations to and some full text of journal articles in all fields. Search by keyword or use the Subject Guide.

  • Historical Abstracts (Carnegie Mellon users only)
    1967-present (updated monthly).
    The best resource for finding citations and some abstracts of journal articles, books, and dissertations on world history from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada). It covers all historical topics and a variety of disciplines including religion, gender studies, anthropology, political science, etc. Most of the books and dissertations are from 1979 to the present. To limit your search to only books and/or journal articles, click on the button to the right of the Document Type line. Mark the document type(s) you want, then click on Paste Term. To limit your search to English language materials, select english on the Language line under Refine Search. There is also a companion database, America: History and Life, for U. S. history. You can search both simultaneously by clicking on Choose Database and then selecting both databases.

  • JSTOR (Carnegie Mellon users only)
    Search or browse and display full text of journals in many fields. Using the Advanced Search lets you limit your search to journal in a particular field(s), such as Jewish Studies or even particular journals. This database does not include the most recent 5-3 years of any journal title.

  • Project Muse (Carnegie Mellon users only)
    Search or browse the full text of current social science and humanities journals. You can limit your search to a particular journal, such as Holocaust and Genocide Studies or discipline such as Judaic Studies. This database contains only the past 3-5 years of a journal.

  • Proquest (Carnegie Mellon users only)
    Citations to and some full text of journal and newspaper articles in all fields. To search journals, especially relevant to the Holocaust, click on Databases selected and mark Proquest Research Library which includes the full text of many history journals. Next click on Continue to select a way in which to search. Recommended: Advanced which offers flexibility in where you want your search terms to appear.

If full text links for journal articles are not provided, click on to see retrieval options. This is only for journal article citations, and may not be available in all databases. Otherwise, use Cameo and the Find e-journal list to see if materials available to you. If they aren't, you can use Illiad to obtain the material.

If you need help finding journal articles on your topic, ask the reference staff at the Hunt Library reference desk.

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  • Gilbert, Martin. Atlas of the Holocaust. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1982, 1993.
    HUNT REF-1 G1797 .21.E29 G48 1982
    HUNT STACKS-2 G1797 .21.E29 G58 1993

  • Gilbert, Martin. The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization: 4,000 Years of Jewish History. New York: Macmillan, c1990.
    HUNT REF-1 G1030 .G48 1990

  • Gilbert, Martin. Jewish History Atlas. [New York]: Macmillan [1969].
    HUNT REF-1 G1030 .G5 1969A

  • U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Historical Atlas of the Holocaust. New York: MacMillan Pub., c1996.
    HUNT REF-1 G1797 .21.E29 H5 1995

  • Vilnay, Zev. The New Israel Atlas; Bible to Present Day. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1969 [c1968].
    HUNT REF-1 G2235 .V52 1969

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Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles can give a sense of the importance of an event or reaction to it. With each of these databases you can limit your search by a particular time period.

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Below are some videos in Hunt Library on the Holocaust. To find others, go to
Cameo, Complex Search, type your subject term (for example holocaust) on the word or phrase line, scroll down and change itemtype from any to video, then click the search catalog button.
  • Germany & the Holocaust. Hosted by U.S. Holocaust Research Institute and C-SPAN. 205 min. [West Lafayette, Ind.]: Purdue University, Public Affairs Video Archives, 1996. Videocassette.
    HUNT VIDEO-BSMT 940.5318 G373

  • Kristallnacht: The Journey from 1938 to 1988. 58 min. Washington, D.C.: WETA, c1988. Videocassette.
    HUNT VIDEO-BSMT 940.5315 K92

  • Schindler: The Documentary. Produced and directed by Jon Blair; written by Jon Blair. 78 min. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1995. Videocassette.
    HUNT VIDEO-BSMT 940.5318 S336S

  • Shoah. A film by Claude Lanzmann; co-production by Les Films Aleph and Historia Films. ca. 570 min. New York, NY: New Yorker Films [distributor], 1985Videocassette.
    HUNT VIDEO-BSMT 940.5315 S559

  • Shtetl. Directed and produced by Marian Marzynski. A production of Marz Associates in association with Frontline. 180 min [Burlington, Vt.]: WGBH Video, c1996. Videocassette.
    HUNT VIDEO-BSMT 943.8 S561

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Unclear of where to start or what to do? Contact Sue Collins, Liaison Librarian for History (for Carnegie Mellon faculty, staff, and students only). You can also see when Sue will be at the Hunt Library Reference Desk, available to help, by logging on to My Andrew and selecting "View Calendar" from the menu on the left. Use the "View Agenda" icon, and search "Susan Collins."
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Sue Collins, Liaison Librarian for History,

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