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Topics in Engineering and Public Policy can vary widely, and so may the databases you might need. The Libraries' Homepage offers links to Other Library Catalogs, and the comprehesive listing of Databases by Name and Databases by Subject. Below are databases that are most relevant for finding journal articles, books, reports and government documents in Engineering and Public Policy topics.

If full text links for journal articles are not provided, click on to see retrieval options. This is only for journal article citations, and may not be available in all databases. Otherwise, use the library catalog and the Find Online Journals list to see if materials are available via the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries. If they aren't, you can use the Interlibrary Loan options to either borrow or obtain a photocopy of the material.

Engineering and Public Policy

March 2010 --

   Sue Collins, Senior Librarian,
   Lynn Berard, Principal Librarian,