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Stephen B. Broomell

Assistant Professor
Department of Social and Decision Sciences
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Email: broomell@cmu.edu

      My research interests include topics of risk communication, information aggregation, experience based decision making and perception/understanding of global climate change. I am an alumni of the Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Research Fellow. I am also a member of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making.


  • R. H. Moss, G. A. Meehl, M. C. Lemos, J. B. Smith, J.R. Arnold, J.C. Arnott, D. Behar, G.P. Brasseur, S.B. Broomell, A. J. Busalacchi, S. Dessai, K. L. Ebi, J.A. Edmonds, J. Furlow, L. Goddard, H. C. Hartmann, J. W. Hurrell, J.W. Katzenberger, D.M. Liverman, P. Mote, S. C. Moser, A. Kumar, R. S. Pulwarty, E. A. Seyller, B. L. Turner, W. M. Washington, \& T. J. Wilbanks (2013). Hell and High Water: Practice-Relevant Adaptation Science. Science, 342, 696-698.

  • Roy, M. M., Liersch, M. J. & Broomell, S. B. (2013). People believe that they are prototypically good and bad. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 122(2), 200-213. Doi: 10.1016/j.obhdp.2013.07.004.

  • Smithson, M., Budescu, D. V., Broomell, S. B., & Por, H. (2012). Never say not:" Impact of negative wording in probability phrases on imprecise probability judgments. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 53 (8), 1262-1270.

  • Broomell, S. B., Budescu, D. V., & Por, H. (2011). Pair-wise Comparisons of Multiple Models. Judgment and Decision Making, 6 (8), 821-831.

  • Budescu, D. V., Por, H., & Broomell, S. B. (2011). Effective communication of uncertainty in the IPCC reports. Climatic Change, DOI: 10.1007/s10584-011-0330-3.

  • Broomell, S. B., & Budescu, D. V. (2009). Why are experts correlated? Decomposing correlations between judges. Psychometrika, 74 (3), 531-553.

  • Budescu, D. V., Broomell, S. B., & Por, H. (2009). Improving communication of uncertainty in the reports of the intergovernmental panel on climate change. Psychological Science, 20, 299-308.


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