· TASIC source code can be downloaded from here

· READ Me note:


       Run TASIC.m file it will open up a GUI.



                1. Gene expression mat file containing normalized gene expression value. The 'expression_matrix' matrix                               dimension is # of genes * # of cells.

                2. Time label mat file contating an array denoting the time assignment of cells. e.g. time_label=[0 0 0 24 24 24],                     for six cells where first three are from time point 0 and the last three are from time point 24h.


                1. Set of differential genes as diff_gene.txt

                2. Cell labels and cell_assignment.mat file

                3. Average time value of states ( In the GUI window)

                4. Optimal structure ( In the GUI window)

                5. Figure of all possible structure ( In all_models.png file)