So you’d like me to write you a rec

If you’ve taken a class with me, or we’ve had some other significant interaction on campus, I’d be happy to write you a rec. (Please keep in mind that the longer I’ve known you, and the greater the depth of our interactions, the higher quality rec I’ll be able to write.)


During the regular school year, please send me your complete rec request at least 7 days before the rec is due. Over breaks, please give me at least 14 days of notice. If you’re on a tighter schedule than that, you’re welcome to reach out, but I might not be able to accommodate you.

How to write a request

Please write me an email with the subject line in the format “Rec request for Andrew Carnegie, due 3/8/22.” In the message please include the following information:

1. Information about the thing you’re applying for

2. Information about you

3. Things you’d like me to emphasize

List any particular projects, assignments, or other work product from our time together you’d like me to emphasize in your rec. If there are any other traits/skills/qualities of yours you’d like me to play up, let me know that as well. (I won’t use your verbatim language in my letter—this is just to help me write a better-focused rec for you.)

You can use bullets/lists/etc. if you like, or just write in paragraph form.

Information about me which you might need to tell the institution/org when you add me as a recommender

Often you’ll need to give the recommending organization some information about me. Here are the likeliest things they’ll ask:

Robert Zacharias
Assistant Teaching Professor
IDeATe (Integrative Arts, Design, and Technology network) and ETC (Entertainment Technology Center)
note: while my formal academic appointment is at the ETC, you can just list me as working in IDeATe if that’s the context you know me from.
email (take off the “cation” of course)
412 268 5973
Hunt Library, room A9A
4909 Frew St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213