Robert Zacharias

I am an instructor in IDeATe at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to teaching, I manage IDeATe’s Physical Computing Lab, room A10, in Hunt Library. You can reach me by writing, minus the cation.


I teach:

Physical Computing Lab

The current stock levels of all regularly stocked electronics items in the Physical Computing lab can be found by visiting our inventory page. If you have questions about our inventory, suggestions for additional items you think we should carry, or any other comments about the room, please get in touch with me; I’m always looking to improve the space.

…and lastly

Some years ago I took pictures on January 1st on a frozen lake in upstate New York. Mr. Blobby immediately endeared himself to me for obvious reasons, and though his physical manifestation may have moved on in the spring thaw, his spirit, and big blobby nose, are still with us today in this digital form.