Find your Sburb title!

a quiz by RLabs

If you've ever wondered what your Sburb title would be, you've come to the right place! Answer the sixteen questions as accurately as you can. It seems that you get better results if you come up with an answer to the question before looking at the choices.

All classes and aspects in this test are canon. The descriptions you receive for them are a bit less canonical, however, due to the lack of information about many of them. If something doesn't look like you've seen it before in the comic, it's almost certainly based on the personalities/actions of the characters in the comic with that aspect. Note that sharing a title with a character doesn't mean you're necessarily identical to that character; you're simply likely to respond similarly in certain situations. Some of the outfits are wrong and I'll probably update those someday maybe.

God tier images used are credit to Andrew Hussie and zynchilada, with the exception of the Lord/Muse images which were made by me. Changelog here.

Q0: Would you be bothered if you got a class of the wrong gender? (note: this question only determines which classes you can get)

No, I don't care if I get a masculine or a feminine class!
Yes, I'm female and don't want to be a bard!
Yes, I'm male and don't want to be a maid!
Yes, I think gendered classes are silly and don't want any gendered options! (warning: there are only six non-gendered classes!)

Q1: Where do you spend the most time online doing Homestuck-related stuff? If your answer is Tumblr, where do you spend the second-most time?

MSPA Forums/MSPA Wiki. Still the best!
DeviantArt! :3
Homestuck General master race.
r/homestuck, on le reddit!
Archive Of Our Own, you really like fanfiction.
You're not really active anywhere, you mostly just lurk...
You don't really use any of those much, only Tumblr and/or something not mentioned above.
Why would someone waste their time obsessing over some webcomic? Nerds...

Q2: What (in your opinion) is the greatest way you contribute to the fandom?

Through discussion and IDE/Theories about the plot!
Through discussion and IDE/Theories about characters/relationships!
Through your super-awesome fanart!
Through your hellaciously sweet image manips.
Through making things that aren't 2d visual art. Fanmusic, fanfic, Homestuck websites/applications, cosplay, or something else that isn't specifically fanart is your domain.
Through community activities. Fandom-wide projects, playing on Homestuck servers, hanging out on IRC...
Again, you're more of a lurker and don't really contribute u_u
You aren't a lurker, but you know you've made more of a negative contribution than a positive one ;)

Q3: If you could have any of the below powers (in real life), which would you go for?

Permanent young adulthood. You could still die from physical trauma, but otherwise you'd be a normal 25-year-old. You've always wanted to live forever...
Invisibility. Think of all the things you could do while invisible...
Super-smarts! Your mind would work significantly faster, and you'd have control over your brain's neuroplasticity.
You'd be a technopath; manipulation of technology combined with an unbreakable mental internet connection.
Telepathy. No one will be able to hide any secrets from you!
Telekinesis. Strong enough to toss around a car, not strong enough to toss a house.
Super-speed. Never waste time commuting again.
Time travel, with the catch that you can only go backwards and every second you travel back is a second you spend aging in a pocket dimension, Primer-style. Beware of paradoxes, and don't go too far back!
Social awesomeness. With the right choice of words, you can make anyone love you or hate you. Manipulate history from the shadows!
Flight! Flying is cool!

Q4: You're bored of browsing the internet constantly, and in a fit of inspiration decide to make a video game instead, learning how to code, make art, and compose music along the way, if necessary. What kind of video game do you decide to make?

A visual novel or similarly mostly-story-based game without a focus on gameplay.
Some kind of turn-based strategy game would be ideal.
An adventure game!
An RPG with equal focus on gameplay and storyline.
A simple retro-style game.
A roguelike or similarly difficult game.
A game with lots of sandbox or cooperative elements.
A multiplayer competitive game.
You can't answer this question because you can't imagine yourself making anything more complex than Click the Square to Win: The RPG.

Q5: You're taking a break from your game and browsing the stranger parts of the internet when you come across a link labeled "SBURB Beta". You're curious and sleep-deprived enough to download the file without thinking too much about the potential consequences. When you start it up, it turns out to be a working version of Sburb! Do you play it?

Definitely! There's nothing that would be cooler than fighting monsters and becoming a legendary hero with your best friends.
No, because to be honest there's no way you would survive.
Definitely not, the chance of creating a new universe isn't worth causing the end of the world.
Yes, because you love the idea of causing the end of the world.
Sure. It's not like someone else isn't going to play and cause armageddon if you don't.
You'd only consider it if you knew the world was going to end soon, whether you personally played it or not.
No, because you care about your friends and family, and you probably wouldn't be able to save all of them.

Q6: Regardless of your choice, some other people decide to start their own session, dooming the Earth to a meteor apocalypse. Now you have to get some people together to enter the Medium! Who would your ideal co-player/co-player(s) be?

People who are trained for dangerous situations. Trained soldiers, climbers, survivalists; doesn't matter as much if you know them personally or not.
No one. You don't trust anyone else to not fuck everything up, and you'll try to pull yourself in solo. Time is overrated anyway.
Your internet friends!
Your real-life buddies!
Probably just your best friend or romantic partner. Things are less complicated with only two players, and you can beat the game as fast as possible.
Your crush...
As many people as you can possibly pull in. Best to try to save as many people as possible, even if the game itself becomes a chaotic mess.

Q7: You need to prototype, and you're running out of time! What do you throw into the kernelsprite?

Your dead pet!
The remains of a loved one.
Yourself. Now what should you pick for the second prototyping...
A video game! You'll never die with Captain Mario Freemanchief at your side.
Your favorite book, TV show or anime, or related merch. Always wanted to meet my favorite character in person...
A tissue. Take that, imps!
The most deadly, powerful-looking thing around. Your coplayers can just deal with it.
Nothing, you'll let your co-player choose what to prototype.
Nothing, because you're not prototyping pre-medium at all.

Q8: Right before you enter, you start thinking about where you're going to end up. What do you hope your land is like?

A waterworld, full of rocky islands and buried treasure!
Something natural and quiet, free of cities and ruins, with only a few small NPC villages.
Covered in active cities full of crazy amphibious NPCs.
A world of ruins begging to be explored, full of weird riddles and puzzles.
Trippy neon rainbow world! Weirder is better.
A dangerous world, full of traps that you can use to your advantage.
You really don't care, so long as it doesn't immediately start trying to kill you.

Q9: Congratulations, you're in! What are you going to do now, once you've grabbed a weapon and beat up a few imps for experience?

Alchemizing some rad weapons and beating up larger enemies!
Ignoring the normal game for a while and flying out to Derse/Prospit. Political games are more interesting and productive than just fighting monsters, anyway.
Opening your computer and building EVERYTHING. You hope your client player has a lot of grist...
Leaving your house to explore your new Land.
Grabbing your favorite games and shows and alchemizing as much cool stuff from them as possible!
Setting up your house's defenses and alchemizing practical stuff. Always have to be prepared.
Experimenting with alchemizing to see if you can figure out how to game the punchcard alchemy system for OP items.

Q10: You've reached your first gate, and find yourself in a village full of [insert favorite color here]-colored [insert favorite amphibireptile here]s. You realize that these are your planet's consorts! What do you do with them?

Become their emperor and god-king/god-queen.
Leave them alone, for the most part. They probably aren't very helpful; you'd gain more from talking to your friends/your sprite/the internet than wasting time on them.
Try befriending some of the locals! Maybe treat a few of them to a delicious lunch of whatever food you have in your fridge.
Get straight to business and try to see if they have any awesome items/fraymotifs you can buy from them.
Talk with them a while to try to learn more about your land/session's geography and mythos.
Start recruiting them as members of your secret council and travel your land together.
Start killing the bastards before they kill you back!

Q11: You're traveling your planet, searching for your second gate. You can see it up ahead when a beefy Prospitian, armed with a pair of brass knuckles and a fancy hat, blocks your path. He looks angry. What do you do?

Try to talk things over with him before things go sour too quickly.
You can take this guy! Even though you've just started out, it's not like he's the final boss or anything...
Back away and find another route. Better to just play things safe when you have no idea what his beef with you is.
Try to run past him, you're fast enough to outspeed this dude.
Bribe him with whatever non-essential stuff you have on you.
Summon your sprite and tell them to act as a diversion while you sneak past.

Q12: You and your teammate both have different plots for how to deal with the Dersian royalty. Your teammate is convinced that their plan is absolutely perfect, while you think it's horrible and stands at least a 90% chance of resulting in one of your deaths. You've told your teammate why their plan is flawed, but they just try to change the subject and talk about why they don't like your plan. They've announced they're about to go to sleep and put the first part of their plan into action. How do you respond?

Stop them with force if need be. Yeah, it's dangerous and they could be seriously injured, but it's better then them getting your team possibly killed.
Let them do what they'd like, but refuse to help. You don't want to put yourself in greater danger.
Help them out with their plan. Maybe you were wrong in thinking their plan was shitty, and helping them would be less dangerous than letting them execute their plan solo and poorly.
Keep trying to reason with them; don't use force. Logic and rationality will always win!
Call in the rest of your team for support. They can argue with you, but they can't argue against your whole team.
Appear to let them do what they want, but sabotage their plan at the first step so they don't cause any damage.
Command them to stop with all your leaderly authority. This is insubordination, and you won't stand for it.

Q13: While doing some late-game grinding, you stop to rest inside a cave. Despite a normal exterior, you discover an interior more akin to a Victorian-era home. Seated at a desk in front of you is a white horse with no facial features and a green bow tie. The horse emits a series of telepathic neighs and whinnies, which you immediately understand to be a proposition: The horse will grant you incredible powers, among them super-strength, super-speed, regeneration, and glowy skin, on the condition that if you accept your teammates' sprites will all instantly die. As you comprehend the gravity of the situation, it laughs a very evil, horsey laugh. At least, you think it was evil. What would an evil horse laugh even sound like? And more importantly, do you make a deal with the (equine) devil?

Yep! They'll never know it was you, and you get bitchin' powers. Sounds like a win-win!
No, because you don't actually trust that Bad Horse here is going to keep their word.
No, because no one has the right to make that kind of decision about other living beings.
Yes, because you're pretty sure that you'll benefit your team more with your superpowers than their sprites would.
No, because those powers really don't seem worth it.
Yes, because making a deal with the devil for demonic superpowers is awesome!
You can't decide and leave the glowy pony, deciding to tell your teammates.

Q14: You're now much higher-leveled, with only a bit of preparation and training left to do in your co-player's land before you can face your Denizen. But before you know it, an incredibly contrived situation unfolds before you! Your favorite Homestuck kid/troll bursts through an inter-session portal, badly wounded, making a last stand against furious horrorterrors pouring through after them. At the same time, you see your co-player's house off in the distance being assaulted by high-level enemies. You know they're inside, and their dreamself is dead. You only have enough time to save one of them. Who do you save?

Your favorite character. You might miss your co-player, but the amount you'd gain from having a high-leveled void-hopping buddy on your side is much greater than what you'd lose from letting your teammate die.
Your co-player, of course! They're your friend and you wouldn't let them die.
Your co-player; you'll lose the game without them, and the Homestuck-out-of-nowhere seems like too convenient of a distraction for it to not be a trap.
Your favorite character! You could never let them die in front of you, and you have so much you want to talk to them about...
Your favorite character, because your teammates are tools anyway and you don't care if they die.
Your teammate, because to be honest as much as you like them your favorite Homestuck character is kind of an ass.
Let both of them die and loot their corpses.
You can't accept a zero-percent survival rate, and try to save both, albeit with drastically reduced likelihood of survival overall. (Each has a 1 in 3 chance of survival, calculated independently of the other.)

Q15: You beat your Denizen and stopped the Reckoning! Now that you've made a new universe and achieved godhood, you're kinda bored, and decide to mess around a bit. Through mysterious shenanigans involving a sendificator, a pumpkin, and 2^31-1 pieces of artifact grist, you manage to (temporarily) become Andrew Hussie himself. You have total control of the comic for one day, and inherit all of Andrew Hussie's artistic ability. What do you do?

Kill off all the characters you don't like.
Don't do anything, this is too much power for a mere immortal god to hold.
Your OTP is now canon forever! (Take that, supporters of ships you don't like!)
Ignore Homestuck and create your greatest masterpiece: SBAHj the, musisical?
Write some pesterlogs between some characters that didn't get enough development, or never really got to talk to each other.
Plot time! Time to make that one idea/theory that you can't get out of your head become GLORIOUS CANON.
Make the most gorgeous eye-candy flash you possibly can in only 24 hours.
Declare Homestuck officially over forever. Ending Humanimals was the biggest mistake you ever made as an artist.
Ignore Homestuck for the day and spend Ryan North's money on overpriced food and hookers.