Rumi Dialogue Club is ambitious about organizing activities that will enhance the
the intercultural dialogue and diversity through the CMU community.

Ramadan Dinner

RDC aims at bringing the richness of rituals and ceremonies of Sufi culture.With respect to
this we are working on arranging a Ramadan dinner in early October.

Ney(Reed) Workshop

Sufism is unique by flourishing fine arts in the Islamic civilization through the centuries.
This richness is one of thewe are planning to arrange workshops on the islamic arts
and music. The first workshop will be about Ney, which is one of the most
important instrument in Sufi rituals and Sufi symbolism.

Apart from these upcoming activities, we plan to organize following events thorough time:

-Lectures by invited speakers

-Panel discussions

-Round table discussions

-Social events, such as movie hours, picnics.