Example:Color ribbons according to secondary structure:
  B4: How to change the color.
Color changes are accomplished in two steps:
  • Select what to color (e.g. labels, rockets)
  • Select the color
Note: The color change will only be applied if the corresponding rendering is displayed. For example, if you want a cartoon display colored pink, you must first display the molecule in "cartoon".

Most of the menu items under color, when selected, will bring up the color palette immediately. The exception is "Structure", where an additional menu allows you to select from a number of choices.

The color palette gives you a number of options. The actual options will depend on what you are coloring:

  • In all cases you can select a color from a list of black to violet.
  • If you selected an object that joins two atoms, e.g. Hbonds, then you can also select inherit, which means the color of the bond will be taken from the atoms.
  • If you selected "atom" or something with the structure group, then you can also color "By Scheme" which allows you to color according to some property, such as the secondary structure (magenta=a-helices, yellow=b-strands, white: everything else.)