Instructions: This page allows you to view elastase with different substrates bound - either Ala, Leu or Phe. The right and left panels are equivalent, you can load any elastase-subsrate combination into any window.
  1. Use the button to load the desired enzyme into the window.
  2. You must use the checkboxes next to the button you used to load the enzyme, they will only work on that enzyme.
  3. "+/- Sub" will toggle the structure of the bound substrate. This is a short peptide with either Ala, Leu,or Phe in the specificity pocket.
  4. "+/- Zoom" will zoom in on the bound substrate.
  5. "+/- Pocket" will draw a surface on the residues in the specificity pocket that contact the substrate. This may require 10-60 seconds to draw.
  6. "+/- Trans" will make the surface solid or translucent.
  7. "+/- Space" will draw van der Waals spheres on the sidechain atoms of the substrate in the specificity pocket.