Antibody A: Hapten-Fv Complex

Antibody B: Hapten-Fv Complex

How to identify an atom: You can either hover the mouse over the atom and its identity will appear. You will get something like "[Pro]85". This means that you have hovered over an atom on the 85th residue, which is a Pro.
Alternatively you can right click within the Jmol window to bring up the menu, go to "Set picking/label" and select that option. Now when you click on an atom you will label it.
How to measure distances: Right click over the jmol window to bring up the menu, select "Measurements" and then "Click for distance measurement". Now click on any two atoms.
Warning: The hydrogen bond command will only display protein-protein mainchain hydrogen bonds.
The buttons below each window control the display in the above window.
  • 'zoom' will give you a bigger view of the complex. The hypervariable loops are colored cyan (light chain) and yellow (heavy chain). Three sidechains from the antibody are shown in ball and stick and colored CPK (carbon light grey). The carbons on the bound hapten are colored dark grey.
  • 'Surface' will show the van der Waals radius of two residues that are involved with binding the hapten.
  • "Hapten +/-" will remove and add the hapten
  • "Hapten Surface +/-" will add a surface/remove to the hapten.