Equilibrium Dialysis

This page simulates the outcomes of an equilbrium dialysis experiment. You can vary the amount of ligand (DNP) outside the dialysis bag and the total amount of ligand (DNP) inside the bag is returned to you for both Fv-A and Fv-B. Keep in mind that there is some experimental error in the data. All values are in uM, i.e. if you enter 1 it is 1 um.

The total amount of protein inside the dialysis bag is 5 uM

1. Enter a value for LOutside in this box:  
[L] outside = uM
2. For the above value of [L]free, Calculate [L]inside for both Fv-DNP complexes.
[L]inside = uM Fv-A [L]inside = uM Fv-B
    (Each calculated value has a small "experimental error" added to it.)