Wild-type & Mutant Protein
Wild-Type CSP (Ile18)

Mutant CSP

Load Mutant Proteins:
How to identify an atom: You can either hover the mouse over the atom and its identity will appear. You will get something like "[Pro]85". This means that you have hovered over an atom on the 85th residue, which is a Pro.
Alternatively you can right click within the Jmol window to bring up the menu, go to "Set picking/label" and select that option. Now when you click on an atom you will label it.
How to measure distances: Right click over the jmol window to bring up the menu, select "Measurements" and then "Click for distance measurement". Now click on any two atoms.
Warning: The hydrogen bond command will only display protein-protein mainchain hydrogen bonds.
How to use this page for PS4:
The buttons below each window control the display in the window above.
  • The left window shows wildtype CSP (Ile18)
  • The right window can display any of the three mutants, load different mutants using the bottom row of buttons.
  • Click on "Center on 18 to zoom in a bit, with residue 18 in the center.
  • Click on "Highlight 18" to put a grey transparent surface on residue 18.
  • Click on "Pocket" to put a yellow transparent surface on residues in contact with the residue 18.