Biochemistry I - Problem Set 3 - Jmol A - Protein G
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Jmol Hints:

  1. "Mouse over" an atom to identify it, the first number is the residue position from the amino terminus, e.g. [Gly]22 indicates a Gly residue at position 22.
  2. To find the composition, use the right mouse button to open the menu. Then "Select→Protein→By Residue Name". The number of each amino acid is given in the list.
  3. To identify helix and sheet by color, try: menu → Color → Atoms →By Scheme → Secondary Structure.
  4. To center on a specific atom, try: menu → set picking → Center, and then click on the atom that will be the new center. To restore labeling of atoms, try: menu → set picking → Identity.
  5. To measure a distance, try: menu → Measurement → Click for distance measurement. Then click on two atoms and the distance between them will appear on the screen.

CPK Color Scheme:
blue - nitrogen  |  red - oxygen  |  gray - carbon  |  yellow - sulfur  |  hydrogen - white