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Faculty presentations

Dan Bohus, July 7
  • RoomLine: A Conference Room Reservation Assistant
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  • Dan Bohus's web site
Mike Christel, July 9
Ananda Gunawardena, July 12
  • NOTE: The lecture for today will start at 3:15
  • Adaptive Book: The textbook of the future
  • Prof. Gunawardena's web site
Mick McQuaid, July 14
  • Impact of Time-based Visualization on Situation Awareness during Crisis
  • Dr. McQuaid's web site
Doug James, July 16
  • Making deformable object collisions fast with the triangle inequality
  • Prof. James's web site
Lorrie Cranor, July 19
Peter Lee, July 20
  • Computational Logic
  • Dean Lee's web site
Seth Goldstein, July 21 & 23
  • Nanotech/Claytronics
  • Prof. Goldstein's web site
Brad Myers, July 27
Steven Cochran, July 29
  • NOTE: The lecture for today will be in Wean Hall 3121
  • Introduction to Digital Mapping Laboratory
  • MAPSLab
  • Prof. Cochran's web site
William Scherlis, August 2
  • Safe Concurrency: Looking Very Closely at Java Programs
  • Prof. Scherlis's web site
Roger Dannenberg, August 3