Pictures from Leap 2003


Matt, John, Yinmeng, and Leland Leland, John, and Brian Matt Matt Leland
Brendan Uri Robert past Leapers


Rudich and bunnies 1 Rudich and bunnies 2 Rudich and bunnies 3

Groups of People

the math theory group Brian, Tiffany, Peter, and Alex the Thinkers - Yile, Leland, and Alex Alex and John gearing up for the virtual world


the frisbee group frisbee 01 frisbee 02 frisbee 03
frisbee 04 frisbee 05 frisbee 06 frisbee 07

Brian's Birthday at Lulu's

everybody at my table Peter, Yile, and Vlad Tiffany, Alex, and Sarah me with a beatiful carven pumpkin PI
everyone gathering for a picture to everyone who came to celebrate my birthday -------------- Thanks guys! :) -------------- Alex, John, and Matt Alex, John, and Matt, looking confused
Alex has an idea... Yinmeng covers her face in embarrassment ............(sorry, Yinmeng, it's funny)............ Alex proposes!  *awww...*

Students Hanging Around

kids in the classroom during a Rudich lecture (Part 1) kids in the classroom during a Rudich lecture (Part 2) Peter and Tiffany Vlad Alex in his VirtuaSuit
Nick Mike Hao and Wyatt Robert, Adam, John, and Andrew

Hard At Work

Alex and Jeremiah Andrew, Ernie, and Matt Tiffany, Ernie, and Andrew Mike and Elan Elan
Brian and Peter Alex and Yinmeng Ernie and Matt Matt and John, clueless