Roberto O. Shu

I am Master student in the Robotic Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU RI), advised by Koushil Sreenath

Prior to this I graduated from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor with a Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Aersopace Engineering, with minors in Mathematics and Multidisciplinary Design.

I am interested in the interaction of complex, nonlinear and underactuated dynamical systems with their environment by designing controls that can achieve dynamic and energy-efficient maneuvers.

I envision leveraging my exposure to optimal and neuromuscular control, in combination with my work with impact modelling, to build controllers for legged systems so they can master contact throughout their entire body rather than through n-number of predefined end-effectors. I firmly believe this is the key for robots to emulate the proficiency of Parkour practitioners, and become part of the solution in areas such as the assistance in hazardous environments, search and rescue missions, and space exploration.

Research Interest:

Robotics | Controls | Highly Dynamical System | Legged Locomotion | Quad-rotors | Mechanical Design

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