Here you will find a selection of current and past projects I have worked on through out my undegraduate and graduate studies.
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    Parkour Robotic Leg

    Design and control of a human size bipedal. With the goal of addressomg some of the current problems that humanoids have managing high impact forces resulting from falls. More specifically, we want a biped cablable of performing true parkour taks suchs as jump rolling.

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    Crazyflie Quadcopters

    Progammed a native Matlab(MEX) & Simulink client to directly control the crazyflie nano quadcopter. Developed a position controller around it.

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    Mid-Air Reorientation using Geometric Mechanics

    Geometric mechanic based motion planning of a 3 link planar model of a human olympic diver. Used local connection and height function to seed an optimization problem to find the joint trayectories to perform a 1.5 spike summersault.

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    Proyecto Estratos Ecuador

    Launched the 1st Ecuadorian Flag to the Stratosphere using a High Altitude Balloon. The ballon reach a maximum altitude of 88K feet. Telemetry and video data was retrieve successfully.

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    Obstacle Avoidance using Monocular Vision

    Using Visual Words and Dictionaries desgined a guidance system that avoids obstacles in cluttered office environments using only mobile phones camera.

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    MSL Desktop Aligner

    Design and build an alignment platform for MSL that allowed users to align two microfluidic layers quickly and with an accuracy of less than 20 microns. Went through a complete desing process from defining the problem and setting the user requirements to building and testing a prototype.

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    Oribital Refueling Station

    Designed the hardware achitecture for a feasible orbital refueling station for deep space missions. Engineered fuel tanks, fuel tank hubs, docking, and refuelling system.

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    Led the aerodynmamics devisions to design and manufacture an aerodynamic body, cooling system, and human interface components of a formula SAE Hybrid racing car.

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    FoamBot Project

    A robot that adapts to the environment by assembling modular actuators and polyurethane expandable foam that hardens to form the body. I designed & prototyped lead to the 2nd generation of “FoamBot"

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    GenJet - Energy generation via custom Turbopro add-on

    Extracted 500 Wats of DC Electrical Power at 24V from a JetCat P-80SE gas turbine while mainting the stock thrust. To do so we use the JetCat as a gas generator, removed the nozzle and bolted on our designed power section add-on turboprop-alternator contraption

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    ME 350 - Wheelchair backpack arm

    Designed, built and test a powered 4-bar linkage mechanism to carry a secured backpack from the back of a wheelchair to the side. Motor and sensors controlled via an Arduino Uno board. Prototype was machined in house by the team members.

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    Member fo the Aerodynamics team manufacturing aerodynamic carbon fiber composite body for Formula SAE race car. Conducted Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis (CFD) to determine body shape.

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    As President of the Michigan Chapter between 2012-2013 lead the executive board to implement 7 new programs to boost our outreach, professional, academic, and leadership development. We established outreach programs SouthWest Detroit High School as well as in Costa Rica. That year for the first time in its history the chapter was named Chapter of the Year.


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Technical Reports

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