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Teacher Preparation and Selection in Pennsylvania

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Table 4-2 Non-Educational and Special Requirements for Teaching Certificates
Table 4-3 Degree and Undergraduate Education Requirements
Table 4-4 Field Experience Required before Student Teaching
Table 4-5 Student Teaching Requirements
Table 4-6 Support Services Requiring a Certificate
Table 4-7 Examinations Required or Planned
Table 4-8 Skills Included within Basic Skills Proficiency Exam
Table 4-9 Frequency of Test and Administrator
Table 4-10 Professional Development Requirements: 1
Table 4-11 Professional Development Requirements: 2
Table 4-12 Revocation and Suspensions
Table 4-13 Records Access and Issues of Privacy
Table 4-14 Standards for Program Approval
Table 4-15 Number of Approved Teacher Education Institutions
Table 4-16 List of Approved Programs by Institutions in Pennsylvania
Chapter 10 (part 1) Employment Survey
Chapter 10 (part 2) Employment Survey
Chapter 11 Connecticut Program Approval Standards
Chapter 12 Research Questions for Project
Chapter 13 Study Liason Committee's Recommendations to State Board of Education

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