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  1. Career Development -- External Market
    Committed to enhancing long-term employability outside this organization as well as within it.
  2. Dynamic Performance Requirements
    Committed to promoting continuous learning and to helping employees successfully execute escalating performance requirements.
  3. Career Development -- Internal Market
    Committed to creating employee career development opportunities within the firm.
  1. Loyalty (Other-oriented)
    Committed to supporting the well-being and long-term interests of employees and their families.
  2. Security
    Committed to offering stable wages and long-term employment.
  1. Erosion
    Instituting organizational changes which reduce employee wages and benefits, erosion of quality of work life compared to previous years.
  2. Uncertainty
    Employee is uncertain regarding the organization's future commitments.
  3. No Trust
    Employer withholds important information from employees. Firm mistrusts its workers.
  1. Narrow
    Offers only limited involvement for employees in organization, little or no training or other employee development.
  2. Short-Term
    Offers employment for only a specific or limited time, no future commitments.

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