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  1. Career Development -- External Market
    expected to develop marketable skills.
  2. Dynamic Performance Requirements
    Employees are expected to successfully perform new and more demanding goals, which can change again and again in the future, to help the firm become and remain competitive.
  3. Career Development -- Internal Market
    Expected to develop skills called by this employer
  1. Loyalty (Other-oriented)
    Expected to support the firm, manifest loyalty and commitment to the organization's needs and interests. Be a good organizational citizen.
  2. Security
    Expected to remain with the firm and to do what is required to keep the job.
  1. Erosion
    Expected to receive fewer returns at present than in the past, while anticipating continuing declines in future.
  2. Uncertainty
    Employee is uncertain regarding his or her future with the organization.
  3. No Trust
    Employer sends inconsistent and mixed signals to employees, workers mistrust the firm.
  1. Narrow
    Perform only a fixed or limited set of duties, do only what one is paid to do.
  2. Short-Term
    No obligations to remain with firm, work for only a limited time.

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