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Human Behavior in Organizations
(45-792) Mini 1, 2000

Appendix D: Team Evaluation Form

Team Number/Name / Your Name

________________ / ____________________________________________

Rate each group member (including yourself) using the following scale:

1 = poor

2 = needs improvement

3 = satisfactory

4 = very good

5 = excellent

After everyone has completed the assessment sheet, share your ratings with one another as a basis for more detailed feedback and discussion. You can do this privately or in the group, depending on your group’s preference.


Teamwork: receptive to others’ input, works well with others, cooperative, sensitive to group process

Quality of work: knowledgeable about course material, has creative and sound ideas, produces solid written work

Motivation: participates actively, contributes sufficient effort

Reliability: meets deadlines, is prompt, attends meetings

Fulfillment of Group Contract: meets group expectations as outlined by your group contract

Overall Contribution: overall assessment of that individual’s contribution to the group.


Group Members

(list by name)

Quality of Work
Fulfillment of Group Contract
Overall Contribution


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