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Performance Management – Fall 2000 (90-808)
Sample Team Expectations/Contract

September 1, 1999

To: Marcia, Lee, Kim, Chris
From: Tony
Subject: Expectations

I have now been in P&A full time for just over a month. Something I wanted to do from the beginning was to set out for each of you what my expectations are of you and me. Now that I have a few minutes before the next fire drill I will lay them out for you.

What I Expect from You

1. Your best efforts - Each task you undertake bears your signature whether you sign it or not.

2. Your honesty - In everything you do, do it as if someone else is watching.

3. Your teamwork - Though you may report to me, we all work for ATS. Plan your actions, to the extent you can, to achieve ATS's corporate objectives. Trust that this will take care of your goals, my goals and our department's goals.

4. Your ideas - When it comes to better meeting or exceeding our customers expectations (internal and external), there is no such thing as a "dumb idea."

5. Your initiative - Don't wait for an invitation; plan, coordinate with others and as they say in the Nike commercial "Just Do It."

6. "No surprises" - If you make a mistake or if a problem is developing, tell me early, not late.

7. Extend yourself - Find opportunities to learn new skills or acquire knowledge. Make yourself more valuable to ATS in your current position and prepare yourself for the next one.

What You Can Expect From Me

1. Honesty - While I try to be diplomatic, I don't always succeed. If you are not living up to my expectations in some area (and it is important), I will tell you. I will also actively look for reasons to praise you.

2. Leadership - I will provide broad guidance and prompt decisions.

3. Support - When you perform well, I become your advocate to Sal and anyone else in ATS or outside. I will be my best to ensure that you have the tools, training and other means to be the best at what you do. I will also push you to advance as far as your abilities, ambition and circumstances permit.

4. Flexibility - If you need something out of the ordinary, ask and explain why. If there is any way I can reasonably accommodate you, I will.

5. Fairness - To the best of my ability, I will hold each person to the same standards and deal with them accordingly.

6. Humor - I take my work very seriously, but not myself. I do that by poking fun at myself. I may also do this to you. It is intended good-naturedly to relieve stress and create a more cohesive team. If I ever offend you, please let me know and I will adjust.

Home Vita pdf Professional Summary
Classes Reports Web page at Heinz
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