Welcome to the Spring 2019 course website of 98-186: Roller Coaster Design and History!

98-186 will be a study into the world of the amusement industry's wildest asset: roller coasters! Along the way, we will learn about the humble beginnings of coasters and modern innovations that continue to make them the most exciting part of amusement parks.

We will also become familiar with the manufacturers that produce these scream machines, gain some intuition into the engineering behind them, and discuss the nature of their design. The course is open to any student interested. While some physics of roller coasters will be discussed, no prior experience in physics is assumed.

At the end of the course, we will take a field trip to Kennywood, our local (and quite historical) amusement park for a behind-the-scenes tour! This trip is free to all enrolled students.

For those students seeking a career in entertainment and amusement, consider this your hub for any and all questions you may have. I have included several links in "Useful Links" and "Amusement Industry Jobs" that may help you along your path.