The PARSEC and Friends Worldcon Room/Rideshare List

Need a ride to or room at Worldcon? Have space in your car or room to share? This is a place where PARSEC members and friends can coordinate their Worldcon-going efforts in an attempt to make this easy and fun for everyone. (I said, 'attempt!' :)

NOTE: Mia is no longer in e-mail contact, and won't be before Worldcon begins. So if you must make corrections to this list, send them to Greg at

Also note: Neither Mia nor I are co-ordinating rooms or rides! We just volunteered to host this page. You have to do your own contacting.  

Already have a room or a ride? See who still needs one.

Need a room or a ride? Look who's got space.


The Haves:

Cap'n John says: "I have 1/2 of a Queen sized bed available in a smoking room in the Marriott (lower floor requested) from the 30th through the 3rd. I'm told I snore but otherwise comport myself in a socially and morally acceptable manner. No gender or age preference- no intimacy. There will be married couple sharing the room also."

Maxine Oleyar has a room, and would prefer female roommates. Non-smoking.

Barb Albert is driving to world con and would like a passenger to go along with her. Her e-mail is and

The Have-Nots:

Rachel Ross and her friend Jen Kastroll would like a ride.

Shang Shan Chong would like a ride to and a room at Worldcon. Non smoking, please.