John-Allen Price

John-Allen Price was born on August 19th, 1954 (thus sharing his birthday with Orville Wright) in Washington, D.C. At the time, his parents were U.S. Army officers; his father was with intelligence and his mother was an Army nurse. After the Prices were discharged, his father worked for Exxon Corporation, then called Esso. His father's work for Esso took the Prices to England for two years. For the most part, however, they lived in West Orange, New Jersey before moving to Lewiston, PA in 1977. After graduation from West Orange High School, John-Allen attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois from 1973 to 1977. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. In 1977, he won the Pendell Journalism Award for his work on the school newspaper, the Bradley Scout.

John-Allen has completed work on a hard-SF adventure titled Sail a Distant Sea, and is currently at work on another techno-thriller and a WWI zeppelin novel.

John-Allen belongs to an aircraft museum group, the National Warplane Museum in Genesco, New York. He is also a member of the National Space Society, the National Rifle association, and the Science Fiction Writers of America.



  • Doomsday Ship, Zebra, 1982/1985
  • Operation Night Hawk, Zebra, 1985
  • Extinction Cruise, Zebra, 1987
  • A Misson for Eagles, Zebra, 1988
  • The Pursuit of the Phoenix, Zebra, 1990
  • The Seige of Ocean Valkyrie, Zebra, 1992
  • Phoenix Caged, Zebra, 1993
  • Eagles Revenge, Zebra, 1993
  • Mutant Chonicles II: Frenzy, ROC, 1994

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