Over the past year, I have designed several art works using 3D modelling software. I have also dabbled in sound design for several of my games, composing original music and becoming quite proficient in using sound editing softwares. I have also acted as a director for several videos made during the course of my time at the ETC. I am by no means aiming to become a professional artist, cinematics director or sound designer in the games industry but I do understand the rigors of these professions. I have a good understanding of the strengths and limitiations of those roles and that allows me to better communicate with teammates from other disciplines.


Angry Bird 3D Model

I modelled this in the student version of Maya 2015. I basically used spheres, and cylinders, extruded certain vertices, and added in a lot of edges and vertices to get more polygons, so I could model it into the right shapes. It was mostly playing around with each vertex point of the model till I got the shapes right.

Jedi Model

I first had to create the low-polygon male body. I imported two images to use for reference and crafted the body, simply using basic cylinder and sphere objects. There were a lot of edges and vertices added in, which were then moved, scaled and extruded as necessary to get the right shape. However, I didn't manage to get the face done well enough as that was tougher to do with low poly counts. The clothes were simmilarly done, but they were hollowed out first. The lightsaber actually wasn't that hard to do. I just needed a good reference image (and there are tons out there) and that helped me follow the design point by point. It was a good experience in learning mesh flow and took me a long time, but definitely enjoyable to see the end result.

Brick House Model and Log House Model

I designed a 3D survival-adventure game about the 3 little pigs escaping from the big bag wolf. The player controlled a pig which has to collect resources to build a house. To that end I modelled a 3D brick and log house in Maya, using techniques I found online and came up with a really cool end product. Most of it was adjusting the transforms of the bricks and logs and duplicating them to get the right layout of the house. I attached images of them in Maya and their placement in the game as well. The log house has a different texture in the game as the new texture fit more with the lighting. You can head over to the games page to learn more about the game itself.

Visual Story Videos

Visual Story is one of the core classes all ETC first year students take in the first semester. It is a class that teaches us about the techniques of visual storytelling. This class taught me all about controlling the visual structure of games, art and cinematics such that the images say what I want them to.


This was an assignment to make a story using a prop in 48 hours. The prop we chose was shoes and we crafted a video crafted from the persepctive of the props. I was the director of this video, in charge of storyboarding, the shot list and camera work. I was also in charge of choosing the sound for the video and syncing up the shots with the music. It was a valuable assignment, that really taught me the rigours of shot-taking, taking multiple shots from all sorts of angles, really taking the visual elements into account, within a short period of time.

Here is a private link to the video on youtube.

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful Music Video

For this assignment, we had to simply make a story revoling around any song of our choice. Once again, I was the director and in charge of storyboarding and the shot list. Our team chose to take on the task of using an inanimate object and bring it to life as we felt it would be an interesting challenge.

Here is a private link to the video on youtube.

Reminiscene Theme

Reminiscenes was a painting game that I made for a class at the ETC, called Building Virtual Worlds. Out of the sounds and music I made for my various games, this was the one game for which I composed wholly original soundtracks, and where I build to appreciate the difficulty of composition and crafting a song specific to a game and its tone. Below is one of the main themes from the game that I composed, a short one minute piece of music made for the ending scenes.