Hi! This page is meant to help you learn more about me as a person. But first, here are the basic personal details you might need to know about me if you are viewing this portfolio.
Personal Info

Cell No: 412 482 0777


Education: Rising second Year Masters Student at the Entertainment Technology Centre, Carnegie Mellon University.

Visa Status: Currently here on F-1 student visa, and eligible for OPT.

My Goals

My aim is to become a game programmer. My skillsets in this regard include AI, shader, physics and network programming. However, in order to become a better game developer, I have also honed my skills in the other areas, such as story development, artwork and animation, sound design and data analysis (of player and game data).


I was born in India, but grew up in Singapore for 15 years till the end of high school, following which I came to the U.S. for college. I played a variety of sports in high school, but basketball is by far my favorite, so I am a pretty big fan of the NBA. I also did a fair bit of creative writing in high school, eventually representing my school in two global writing competitions as well.

As an undergrad in CMU, I decided not to try out for any varsity sports or club teams, since I was fine with playing pickup basketball and there was no club basketball team. I did start a new student organization, called Apex, with my dorm friends as a freshman. CMU has a tradition of buggy racing, where we build buggies, have a driver inside steering them downhill and pushers pushing them uphill around a race course. Apex started out as a new buggy team with little resources but in the past 5 years, it has become one of the more well-known buggy organizations on campus and is still going strong even after all the original members graduated. I was also part of the Tartan Student Fund in its first year of inception, as a junior. This was a student-run endownment fund, where we were given 500000 dollars from the school to invest. I was one of the portfolio managers in the fund for a year and gained a lot of insight into the stock market, conducting research and analysis of companies, and how to invest properly. The reason I joined this group was due to my interest in the stock market as I knew that in the future, this information would prove invaluable when I have some money of my own to invest.

I originally started in Mathematics, but eventually picked up the dual degree in computer science in order to master programming for the sake of game development. I took as many game design related classes as I could in college, such as the artificial intelligence and computer graphics classes and in my senior fall, CMU introduced a new Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network undergraduate program. This program introduced a variety of new minors, such as animation, sound design and game design and I was lucky enough to be able to have enough free classes left to finish a game design minor in my senior year.