Chiara Scythe

15-494: Cognitive Robotics, Spring 2009
Richard Ha


The right-front leg (RFr) of the Chiara, unlike other legs, has an extra degree of freedom that can be called a ``shoulder'' of sorts where it enables the Chiara to rotate the leg upwards or downwards giving the Chiara more freedom in performing tasks that might not have been possible before. This arm could then be used as a ``pincer'' or ``scythe'' of sorts that the Chiara could use to perform neat tricks such as engaging objects while walking or reaching hard to reach places. What I did for my project was explore new ways that the scythe-leg could be used for and add functionality through an easily accessible library. (pdf writeup (not yet) available here.)


The goals for this project were based around getting around the hurdles needed to allow easy access to the scythe-arm.