Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University in Corina Pasareanu's group at the Silicon Valley campus.


My main research interest is software analysis. In particular, I am interested in analysing consumption of resources such as time, memory and energy. Within the ISSTAC project, we use the Symbolic PathFinder extension SPF-WCA to infer bounds on worst-case time and space complexity of Java programs. The goal is to identify security vulnerabilities (both denial-of-service and side-channel based attacks). These inferred bounds can then be verified with our tool JayHorn, a light-weight prover for Java.

Before joining CMU-SV, I was with the Open University of the Netherlands and Radboud University Nijmegen. My PhD at Radboud University was advised by Marko van Eekelen and concerned software analysis methods for resource-sensitive systems. This includes not only resource analysis, but also functional correctness and security. I worked on two projects at Radboud University: Go-Green, developing a green, self-learning, user-centric home automation system, and CHARTER, which developed a chain of tools for the generation of safe, correct and resource-efficient software for the aeronautical, automotive and surveillance industry.

During my PhD, I have co-developed an automated analysis for energy consumption of software (given a set of hardware models). This analysis is implemented in the tool ECAlogic. Results on loop-bound analysis and heap and stack space usage analysis for Java software are implemented in the tool ResAna.


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