WWW and the Web Conference References

IBM OS/2 Version 3 (OS/2 Warp)


Verify -- Topic Info Server -- Not working at this time

Adobe Systems

TeleCommerce Magazine -- Not working at this time

Hydra Information Technology

Electronic Newsstand

Nasa Langley Research Center

National Space Science Data Center

NSSDC Paper -- Not working at this time

WWW 3 Conference Information Slow transfer from Germany

Spyglass Corporation -- Enhanced Mosaic

Internet Shopping Network

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Krannert Art Museum -- Directory


EMWAC Http Server -- Directory

EMWAC WAIS Server -- Directory

Document Conversion -- Not working at this time

Document Conversion FAQ -- Not working at this time

HTML Forms -- Technical Paper geared for the novice about forms

More HTML Forms -- Not working at this time

NCSA http/forms -- Intro to Common Gateway Interface -- Very Good site

Windows httpd/forms -- Windows based httpd to create a windows web server

EIT Webmaster starter Kit -- Excellect site -- create a UNIX based www server

Concurrent Engineering -- Not working at this time

PAWWS Portfolio Management -- Has Portfolio Challenge for all users


Bulkfile Distribution -- Not working at this time

Oakridge National Lab -- Financial Automated Management Environment -- not complete