Course Structure

Module 1: Background

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Telecommunications Industry

Lecture 3: Telecommunications Policy

Module 2: Technology Fundamentals

Lecture 4: Technology Fundamentals I

Lecture 5: Technology Fundamentals II

Lecture 6: Technology Fundamentals III

Lecture 7: Technology Fundamentals IV

Lecture 8: Multiplexing

Module 3: Networking: Technologies, Management & Applications

Lecture 9: Voice Networks I

Lecture 10: Voice Networks II

Lecture 11: Data Networks

Lecture 12: Packet Switching

Lecture 13: Fast Packet Switching

Lecture 14: ISDN

Lecture 15: Review of Data Networking

Lecture 16: Local Area Networks I

Lecture 17: LAN Protocols and Internetworking

Module 4: Internetworking, the Internet and the WWW: Technologies, Management and Applications

Lecture 18: Internetworking and The Internet

Lecture 19: The World Wide Web

Lecture 20: WWW Extensions

Lecture 21: Analysis of WWW Technologies

Lecture 22: Electronic Data Interchange

Lecture 23: The Walmart Case

Lecture 24: Security Issues

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Ramayya Krishnan