Homework 7: Due March 29

1. Research the literature and identify at least one instance of an organization which has been found in violation of its software license agreement. What was the context? What part of the agreement was violated? What happened as a result? What is the general view in the industry of managing license agreements? Document your sources.

2. a. Research the literature and develop a RFP that requests vendors to propose LAN solutions for a small, single site, organization that currently has 15 workstations and which plans to add 35 additional workstations in 2 years. The organization also owns a HP laser printer that is currently attached to one of the workstations. Of the 15 workstations, 5 are 386 machines with 2 MB of RAM and 150 MB hard disks, 5 are 286 machines with 1MB of RAM and 100MB hard disks and the remainder are 486 machines with 8MB of RAM and 500MB hard disks. Neither the machines nor the printer are network ready. The organization would like to use its existing infrastructure.

You are free to choose the type of organization and make assumptions about the patterns of use of application software and other resources such as printing. One example that we discussed in class is the use of a LAN to support office automation needs (e.g., providing access to Microsoft Office). Recall that the patterns of use of network resources in that case were mainly software downloading from a server and print requests. Whatever your choice of assumptions, remember that it will impact on the LAN solution.

b. Given the RFP, develop a LAN solution. What led you to your particular choice? What are the costs involved for the organization? How does it meet the planned evolution of the organization's network?

This homework requires your ability to pull together technology evaluation and management concepts. It will require research. In addition to the Web, I recommend you visit the library and review trade journals such as LAN Times, Business Communications Review, and Network World. Also look at books on telecommunication and/or business data communication to add to the material covered in class.

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